SUPREME BEAUTY Argan and Pomegranate Face Serum

$ 40.00


Nourishing and Toning

Face and Neck Serum

Argan and Pomegranate Oils with Jasmine, Egyptian Geranium, and Frankincenseo

 1oz / 30ml



This age-defying elixir is an alchemic combination of nature’s transformative remedies. A fusion of ancient oils, ethically procured in all-women Moroccan co-operatives, deeply penetrate the face and neck to reveal Supreme Beauty. A botanical blessing in a bottle.

 Every drop of Supreme Beauty Face Serum harnesses the healing potential of 100% organic Argan and Prickly Pear Seed oils to refresh and restore the skin. Jasmine oil’s delicate essence envelops the skin with a veil of profound nourishment. Ultimately forming a powerful matrix that works to firm, lift and soften wrinkles.

 Experience: For face and neck, warm 3 - 5 drops of Supreme Beauty Face Serum in the palms of your hands. Gently work into damp, cleansed and toned skin. Best used morning and night for an unparalleled glow. May be used on its own or incorporated into a daily skin care routine.


Pure Argan Oil and Pomegranate Oil with Organic Essential Oil of Jasmine, Egyptian Geranium, and Frankincense


SUPREME BEAUTY Argan and Pomegranate Face Oil



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