Regenerative Mist (1.7oz)

$ 30.00
IMMORTELLE is both the inspiration and a key ingredient for this "liquid gold" Mist. It is distilled from the Helichrysum italicum flower, grown in the Corsica region of France. It is highly coveted in aromatherapy, and research has shown its ability to be regenerative; increasing cell growth six-fold, and revitalizing  damaged skin tissue. 

Ingredients include Aloe Vera, which hydrates, protects, and heals irritated and damaged skin, creating a balanced condition. Sweet Lupine, rich in peptides, improves the synthesis of proteins and epidermal lipids. It preserves the barrier function of the skin and limits water loss.

Crithmum maritimum, a sea fennel extract from the North Atlantic coast, is soothing and stimulates a dramatic calming sensation. Botanical extracts including Oat, are synergistically combined to enhance moisture retention and provide a significant tensor or lifting effect. For all skin types.

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