Olbas Herbal Wellness Tea

by Olbas
$ 20.00

Get The Power to Breathe With Every Sip

  • Swiss Herbal Formula
  • Warming relief from chills
  • Calms stomach

What if you could take a sip of warm tea and enjoy respiratory health support and a feeling of full-body relaxation? With its Swiss herbal formula, Olbas Wellness Tea is made to do just that. This year-round wonderworker offers warming relief from chills while supporting a calm stomach and respiratory health. The 100% natural formula contains a blends of 20 beneficial herbs, giving you a soothing sensation and the Power to Breathe with every sip.

Oils of peppermint, chamomile, fennel, thyme, elderflower, eucalyptus, sage and others join together in this natural, herbal tea to provide relief from seasonal discomforts or simply to help you enhance your self-care routine. Olbas Herbal Tea is naturally free of caffeine, and it’s gluten-free and vegetarian to suit all diets. This 7-ounce container makes 60 cups of instant tea, offering immediate support of the sinuses and lungs.

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