Mediterranean ORANGE BLOSSOM Mist

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 4 oz Spray



Orange Blossom Water is steam distilled from the Fragrant White Flowers of the Bitter Orange Tree.   The intoxicating smell of the Orange Blossoms is reminiscent of summers along the Mediterranean Coast of Morocco.   Neroli, is another name for the essential oil of the Flowers which permeate the air energizing the mind and calming the senses.

Surely Orange Blossom Water will captivate your senses and refresh your Spirit.   But did you know that Orange Blossom water is also an Amazing Beauty Multi-tasker?   The Beauty Benefits of our Mediterranean Orange Blossom Mist are endless.   Try it and you will see why the Mediterranean Orange Blossom Mist will be a daily Mist that you can’t live without!

Orange Blossom Mist Moisturizes the Skin by infusing it with Vitamin C and Nutrients to lock in the moisture.  It will leave your skin hydrated and refreshed all day.

Orange Blossom Mist Cleanses and Exfoliates the Skin making it an excellent gentle makeup remover by cleansing the pores of impurities.   It can even your skin tone and tighten pores leaving your skin smooth and soft,

Orange Blossom Mist Soothes Skin So If you have areas that are irritated and aggravated by the sun or harsh weather, you will love the calming effect Orange Blossom Mist has on the skin.

Orange Blossom Mist Controls Acne by balancing your skin pH and helping to regulate your skin’s oils.   You will love the clarifying and smoothing benefit for your face.

Orange Blossom Mist Brightens the Complexion by enriching it with Antioxidant and B Vitamins.    This helps to lighten any discolorations from sun exposure, aging and hormone imbalances.     You will love the radiant appearance of your complexion with regular use.

Orange Blossom Mist Tones and Lifts your skin by infusing it with Vitamin C.     The Vitamin C helps to boost collagen toning and rejuvenating your youthful appearance

Orange Blossom Mist Revitalizes the Hair and Scalp with nutrients and moisture.  This hydrating benefit make hair soft, shiny and fully refreshed.  It makes a great Hair Mist, and you will love the bounce and shine it restores to your hair.


This delightful Mist will be one of your new favorite products because it is so versatile as an All-in-One Beauty Multitasker.    You are going to love all the Beauty Magic of the Orange Blossom Mist that Moroccan Elixir sources from the Bitter Orange of the Mediterranean Region.     And you are sure to enjoy the Intoxicating and Uplifting scent that lingers on your skin and hair all day long.


Ingredients: Orange Blossom (Citrus aurantium amara) Water, Sodium Benzoate


Instructions:  The Orange Blossom Mist is an extracted from Neroli, the Flower of the Orange.  It infuses a Complex and Sweet Scent of a Mediterranean Orange Grove. The Orange Blossom Spray can be used as a Luxurious Body or Hair Spray, a Hydrating Face Mist or a Gentle Deodorant.   Moroccan Orange Blossom Mist may also work as a Refreshing Room Spray. 



 How to Use Orange Blossom Mist for Beauty:

 Use Orange Blossom Mist as a Makeup Remover and Skin Toner.

Orange Blossom water is a fabulous Skin Toner and Makeup Remover. It cleanses the pores and helps to exfoliate old cells.  Orange Blossom Water evens the skin by creating a balanced pH.   It helps to add moisture to dry skin and reduce greasiness of Oily skin.

 Use Orange Blossom Mist as a gentle Face Mist

It Hydrates the skin and Locks in the moisture.   It will leave your skin refreshed and youthful.   The Vitamin C of the Orange Blossom Water helps to restore Collagen and Firm sagging skin.

 Use Orange Blossom Mist as a Skin Brig `htener

It can help to lighten dark spots and uneven coloring from aging and sun exposure.   It helps to balance the complexion and leave your skin Radiant and Bright.

 Use Orange Blossom Mist as Body Spray.

It adds moisture and hydration to the skin.   Orange Blossom makes a great after sun mist.   Spray Orange Blossom Water on the body after your shower and follow with a Moisturizer.

 Use Orange Blossom Mist as a Scalp and Hair Spray.

Spray Orange Blossom water on the hair and scalp after a shower.   You can also Mist your hair with the water to refresh the hair when it is dry.    It is a great Mist to use for refreshing your hair at the beach.

 Use Orange Blossom Mist as a Perfume and Freshener.

Mist some Orange Blossom Water on your clothes and enjoy the Intoxicating Smell all day long.   Mist your pillow before bed for Sweet Orange dreams.    Mist any room of the house and you will be transported to the Mediterranean with every whiff!


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