Hyland's 4 Kids Oral Pain Relief Nighttime Tablets

by Hylands
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$ 9.99

When your kid has a toothache keeping them up at night, no one in the house can get any sleep! Now, you can do something for their mouth pain, even when it’s keeping them up at night. Hyland’s is here to help with new Hyland’s 4 Kids Oral Pain Relief Nighttime tablets, perfect for gentle pain relief of tooth pain and sensitivity, swollen gums and occasional sleeplessness. Our small, soft tablets dissolve instantly, making them easy for kids to take for fast, soothing relief. Your child will be snoozing before you know it!

  • Relieves Toothache, Gum Swelling or Oral Discomfort
  • Safe and Gentle Formula for Kids Ages 2-12
  • All Natural Active Ingredients
  • No Benzocaine, Belladonna, Artificial flavors, Dyes, or Parabens

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