Grief Essentials Kit by Apothe-Carry Kits

$ 149.00
Grief Essentials Kit
  • Grief Essentials Kit: Vital support for grief and the grieving process
  • Kit contains an array of natural remedy supplements used to support some of the physical and emotional reactions that may be experienced with the grieving process
  • Contains the highest quality natural remedies.
  • Apothe-Carry natural remedy kits are essential for a natural lifestyle that is healthy and balanced.
  • This kit was designed by a Naturopathic Doctor and contains a combination of vitamin supplements, herbal formulas, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, flower essences, and topical remedies.


The Grief Essentials kit is an array of natural remedies that are used to provide support for some of the physical and emotional stress that may be associated with the grieving process. Kit contains: B-Vital, Cal/Mag Calm, Peaceful Heart, Sleep & Tranquility, Ylang Ylang, Ignatia Amara, 5 Flower Formula Comes in an organic cotton padded tote. Instructions for use card included. Refills are available individually.




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