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  • Blemish Solution Facial Oil 2oz

Blemish Solution Facial Oil 2oz

$ 65.00

stellar line up of high in linoleic fatty acids organic cold pressed unrefined oils, this blend is formulated to bring balance to skin types low in linoleic fatty acids that often result in acne and blemishes. Clary Sage is  valuable  in the treatment to blemishes, a wonderful relaxant that helps to relieve stress along with the help of Lavender. Petitgrain is calming and anti-septic, helping with with anxiety and acne. 

How to use:  Start with clean toned (Elixir l or ll)  skin. Place a small amount of Blemish Solution Facial Oil in the palm of your hand. Gently rub hands together to evenly distribute the facial oil to both hands.  Apply it by using push and press technique, covering the face. 

Ingredients: watermelon seed oil*, rosehip seed oil*, evening primrose seed oil*, pumpkin seed oil*, hemp seed oil*,  sesame seed oil*; essential oils of: lavender*,  clary sage*, petitgrain*.

Vegan, Gluten-free

*signifies organic