Awaken Tablets

by Hylands
$ 13.00
The effects of a bad night’s sleep can feel like a mental fog that refuses to lift. Cut through the haze of daytime fatigue, drowsiness and irritability with Hyland’s Awaken, our caffeine-free, natural solution to rebalance your day and relieve the symptoms of fatigue. Hyland’s Awaken relieves not only the drowsiness of fatigue, but the worry and irritability that comes from difficulty waking on a sluggish morning. Hyland’s Awaken is safe, gentle and non-habit forming and because it’s caffeine-free, Awaken lifts the fogginess associated with fatigue without the anxiousness and jitters of coffee and energy drinks. Awaken, part of Hyland’s Harmony suite of products designed to keep your days and nights in harmony.

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