Truffolie Chocolates (3 piece box)

$ 10.00

3 assorted chocolate truffles, shipped in a gift box:

Our Flavors:

1.Strawberry and Spice ; strawberry, raspberry and scotch bonnet pepper flakes incased in a dark chocolate mold )

Haxelnut coffee romance;
Roasted hazel nuts and coffee been nibs with a dash of spice.

3. Wasabi Mint intrigue;
Ground wasabi beans, black sesame seeds and a pinch of freshly dried mint leaves.

4. Almond Cherry tango;
Roasted crushed almonds and tart cherries.

5. Orange Bliss;
Freshly dried orange rind strips and a touch of Angostura bitters.

6. Lime Ginger;
Dried ginger chunks rubbed with Persian lime and crystallized honey.

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