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No hard to swallow pills! This Extra Strength Liquid Multimineral is liquid, so it’s easy to measure the proper amount for you and the rest of your family — even if you prefer a smaller dose!

Our Extra Strength Multimineral contains the same nutrients as our original Nighttime Multimineral, with extra Magnesium and Calcium. Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper may work together to help the body fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and support better sleep. Boron, Vitamin D3, Manganese, Zinc, and Calcium are also included to help maintain healthy bones, and some of these nutrients also support nerve health. Vitamin D3 works to aid in the efficient absorption of minerals, while Vitamin C supports immune function while you sleep. This Extra Strength Liquid Nighttime Multimineral helps to ensure that your body is getting needed vitamins and minerals for normal sleep regulation, decreasing stress and increasing relaxation.


Q: How does the Extra Strength differ from the other Nighttime Multimineral Formulas? 

A: Our Lemonade Dream flavor is an extra strength formula, with more Calcium and Magnesium for those that may need additional support from these two minerals. Both Nighttime Multimineral versions contain a blend of essential and trace minerals and are formulated to support a calm mind and relaxation to promote sleep.

While the Lemonade formula is the “extra strength” — with higher doses of Calcium & Magnesium — it does have lower quantities in some of the vitamins & minerals. Liquid formulas are like food recipes and to make them palatable and to have the ingredients work together effectively, ratios must be adjusted. 


Q: How should I use this? Can I take it with drinks or food? 

A: We suggest that everyone start with ½, or even ¼, the recommended dose to see how their body responds. It can be taken on an empty stomach or with food, or mixed into your favorite cold beverage. We recommend taking the Multimineral in the evening hours, shortly before bed. 

 Q: Can kids take this formula? 

A: Yes, children, ages two and up, can use our formula. However, before you give the Multimineral to your children, we highly recommend that you show our formula to your physician, pediatrician or healthcare professional to see if our formula is right for your child. Your healthcare professional knows your child’s health best, including what other supplements or prescriptions your child may be taking, as well as knowing if your child is facing any health challenges. We recommend that the child's physician, pediatrician or healthcare professional approve all new wellness supplements. Your healthcare professional can also assess an appropriate dosage for your child. Each child is unique and different, and we want to make sure that they receive the best care possible!

 Q: I’m not feeling a difference when taking this, why? 

A: First, it’s important to note that everyone’s body is different and can respond to supplements in different ways. Supplements also work to support the health of the body and maintain normal bodily functions, as opposed to medications which are designed to treat a problem. Individuals with mineral insufficiencies are likely to see an effect faster than individuals who are meeting their body’s nutrient needs. It may take time before you see a tangible difference. Regardless, please reach out if you are not satisfied with the product.

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