HAMMAM Argan Bath Bomb Collection (10 pack)

$ 80.00


Escape Stress with a HAMMAM ARGAN Bath Bomb Collection inspired by the Exotic Scents of Morocco.
A Beauty Ritual that Renews Your Body, Calms Your Mind, and Transports Your Spirit.
Luxury is a Gift…and You Deserve it!

HAMMAM Argan Bath Bombs are made with LOVE and ORGANIC Ingredients:

   Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Coconut OilHydrates, Softens, and Nourishes your   Skin.

  Sea Saltto Relax Muscles, Detox Skin, and Dissolve away the Stress

   Organic Essential Oilswill Transport your Senses and Relax the Mind and Spirit.

   Flowers and Herbs…for Enhanced Beauty and Mother Nature’s Healing Benefits

   Fair Trade and Ethically Source
   Made by Women for Women


We know you will Love soaking in Beauty and Luxury with the HAMMAM Argan Bath Bombs.
They are addictive so be sure to try more than one!

10 MOODS and FLOWERS are included in your SET!!!


Lavender:  Calm and Soothe

Egyptian Geranium: Invigorate and Balance

Pink Grapefruit:  Energize and Cleanse

Eucalyptus Mint:  Clarity and Inspiration

Moroccan Rose:  Love and Beauty

Ylang Ylang: Joy and Peace

Pomegranate Ginger: Harmony and Youthfulness

Orange Clove Pomander: Rejuvenate and Clarify

Arabian Jasmine:  Serenity and Grace

Orange Blossom + Calendula: Relax and Heal

Xo. Moroccan Elixir


Organic Argan Oil, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sun-dried sea salt, organic sunflower, coconut oil, organic essential oil, organic fragrance oil, mineral color, organic herbs and flowers.



  Fair Trade and Ethically Source

  Made by Women for Women


Fill a bath with warm water.     Drop the HAMMAM Argan Bath Bomb in and watch it swirl Argan Oil and Skin Nutrients into your bath.   Immerse yourself into the bath and soak for 20 minutes.   Relax and Enjoy Luxurious Beauty.  

Follow with Moroccan Elixir Argan Body Oil.


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