ORIGINAL Pure Argan Body and Hair Oil

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Argan Body and Hair Oil


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Our Signature product, Original Argan Body and Hair oil is an ancient beauty elixir treasured by the women of Morocco.   It is rich in vital nutrients and omega oils that give it a luxurious texture that absorbs easily and enhances beauty on all levels.   Our Argan oil is ethically sourced by Women’s Co-Operatives in Morocco.  

Original Argan Body and Hair Oil is rich in phytonutrients such as vitamin E, antioxidants, plant sterols, minerals, and Omega Fatty Acids.    The synergy of these nutrients helps to restore skin integrity, adds vitality to your hair, reduces skin aging, and protects skin from harmful sun damage.   Daily use will enhance your beauty and anti-aging rituals and takes your beauty to the next level. Our Signature Argan Oil lives up to the legendary reputation as “Morocco’s Liquid Gold.”


For Body: Apply 6 - 8 drops to damp, freshly bathed skin in gentle circular motions. Wait a few minutes for oil to absorb. Best when used daily.

For Hair: Massage 2-4 drops into the scalp as a restorative treatment. Run 2-4 drops through damp or dry strands to tame and condition.  May be left in overnight for deep conditioning.


100% Pure Organic Argan Oil from Morocco

 ORIGINAL Argan Body Oil 


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