Grapefruit Shower Steamer Bomb (3.75oz)

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Reinvigorating shower steamer bomb to perk up your morning or evening routine with an aromatherapy experience you'll have time for. Concentrated grapefruit essential oil gradually diffuses as the splash from the shower activates the fizzing properties of the bomb. A pinch of safflower petals mixed in adds scent and color. Aromatherapy benefits of grapefruit essential oil include promoting feelings of increased energy and balance. Grapefruit is a cheerful, uplifting and sweet citrusy scent.

Handmade in small batches with natural, high-quality ingredients and pure essential oil, these extra-large, 3.75 oz. shower steamer bombs will leave you feeling renewed and will last through multiple showers.

Packaging and Size:

Packaged securely in paper wrap.

Dimensions of shower steamer bomb: 2.625 inch diameter, 1 inch height

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Pure Grapefruit Essential Oil, FDA Approved Colorant, Dried Safflower Petals

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