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The Herban Alchemist says “yes” to both modern lifestyles and the knowledge and wisdom of ancient and traditional cultures. It is the art and science of blending both worlds to create a life that is solid gold. The alchemy of that transformation is the secret to the health and well being that allows full expression of joy and fulfilment in our lives.

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8 Ways to use Coconut Oil to Boost Immunity

8 Ways to use Coconut Oil to Boost Immunity

 8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Boost Immunity  by Dr. Gabrielle Francis     Welcome to my Immune Academy!  I must admit that I have become much more interested in the Immune system lately.  And I know that all of...

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Infrared Sauna Blanket:  Detox and Heal at Home

Infrared Sauna Blanket: Detox and Heal at Home

Detox and Heal at Home with the Infrared Sauna Blanket     During these uncertain times, people are wondering how to boost their immune systems to fight against viruses and other diseases. Though many states are reopening, in many cases...

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